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Hello! I'm Sheena. Graphic designer, chalkboard artist, hand letterer and millionaire shortbread aficionado.

I am a self-taught graphic designer who, as a child, loved art and design;  but somehow I ended up on a road to international politics rather than the creative arts. Some years later, as a mother of two young daughters, I have found myself back where I feel like I belong: drawing and designing; playing with colour and letters and patterns. And eating millionaire shortbread.

I'm based in Pinner, north west London, but have created work for clients all over the country and in Beijing, China, where I lived for 5 years. I am passionate about creating striking yet functional designs that do the job they need to do whilst also looking great, whether it be a logo, a poster or a chalkboard sign. I see the design process as a collaborative  journey to a perfect solution, with communication and understanding as key components. And snacks. Snacks are essential.


If I can help you, please get in touch.

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